I am discovering AGAIN that I don’t like computer viruses!!! I had one yesterday in my email and a second one this morning in my email. My argument is “don’t the hackers have anything better to do with their time than hack into peoples’ email?!?!? 


Just a short rant on hacking and viruses.

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Well, the season is again upon us. There’s lots of dinners to be had with friends and family and parties to go to. For the last couple of years I’ve been eating Christmas dinner with friends and my hubby while listening to carols. Later in the day we open our presents and our cat enjoys playing with the wrapping paper. It is wonderful making new memories and remembering old ones with a smile.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday and a wonderful New Year. Stay safe and have fun!

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One of my business partners wrote this and I think it’s really amazing!! I know I want to reach my goals. How about you?

Lynn Galbraith

Hi!! Lynn Here. When I  look at this cartoon, I think to myself, why would anyone smile after they lifted a bar bell over their head.  Seriously???? It is painful, sweaty and repetitive, the only way to get better, is to add more weight!!Again and again, it is never-ending. How could that be any fun, right??

BUT that is actually the point I want to make with this article today. Well, all of it but the sweaty part. We can save that for a different blog time.  But  the truth is, to do anything worthwhile in life, we will have to work at it. We will also have to add to that workload, to continue to better ourselves.

At one point, you will ask yourself is it really worth all this effort, do I really want to reach my goals that much? Well I am going to ask you…

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I am learning there is 7 critical activities to do to keep a business going.I do need to practice becoming more disciplined in doing those activities each day. I am learning to follow my team leaders and learn to become one myself. Having a wonderful, caring team working right beside me really helps make all the difference, especially when we listen to each other and encourage one another. It’s not every man for himself in my business. I like that.

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This is my seco…

This is my seco….

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This is my seco…

This is my second blog with WordPress. I am liking it here and have found some people to follow. I wanted to say a few things about learning from my business leaders/partners.

I feel it’s really important to listen to what each of them says and learn how to put into practice what I am learning from them. I am still fairly new at working a home based business and need all the help, encouragement and patience I can get from them and myself. Sometimes I do get frustrated and slow down and other times I seem to be moving along. It all takes practice and learning to open up with others more.

I am grateful for everything my business leaders/partners do for us in our business.

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Home Based Business that Works

Last year when I started looking for ways to legitimately make money online from a home based business after having major lower back surgery, I found a lot of stuff that promised to pay but didn’t. I learned after waiting months for money and still no payments that something wasn’t right. I asked someone I know who works from home in her own business what she was doing that I wasn’t.

I signed up to view a webinar and after watching it I had a much better understanding of what she did. We chatted and my friend signed me up to receive my first products. I fell in love with them just after I started using them and I haven’t looked to other products since.

I have been with this company for 7 months now and am loving it! I see a huge difference in the everyday products I use. I also know there’s no preservatives, additives or any harsh chemicals in them that’s going to hurt me or my family. They’re cost effective and last a long time compared to the store bought brands.

My experience with this company has been very good so far. I chose to work the business  after becoming a customer because I really want to help others live a healthier, safer life and also help them reach their goals which are important to them and their families.

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